Elocarry: 2.0 BETA 1 + Game Version: 13.1.489.3737

We have decided to release our EC2 update to the public subscribers due to lots of internal conflicts that have been resolved. We may release this in three stages. (Beta 1, 2 and 3). We have also purged the bug tracker for our League of Legends project so we can make sure everything stays fresh and up to date.

You can expect to use the new evade system and menu framework for the next update. (Always available first on the EC+-beta build)

Game Version: 13.1.489.3737

New champions


Champion reworks



  • Added XP bar in health bar tracker
  • Added spell level in spell tracker
  • Added the option to add a green/red border depending on the spell state (ready or not)

(we are aware of the issues with resolutions above 1080p and will be releasing a fix soon)

  • Added special cases for all champs with special information on their HP bar (Aphelios, Syndra, etc.)
  • Added IsZombie check for Healthbar drawings
  • Updated Zeri ranges to a new patch
  • Updated Damage Values for Zeri to database 
  • New notification system. (Example usage for Kindred)


  • Fixed Yorick ghouls not being targeted in orbwalker laneclear
  • Fixed Shaco boxes not being targeted in orbwalker laneclear
  • Fixed Teemo shrooms not being targeted in orbwalker laneclear
  • Fixed spells wrongly displayed on the health bar
  • Fixed buff tracker display
  • Fixed display when the enemy is dead in Hero HUD
  • Fixed Kassadin E not casting in combo
  • Fixed Kassadin E not casting in harass