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  4. I was trying to figure out how to cancel my subscription so I can get a different one. There aren't any buttons on the dashboard to cancel via website. I went to PayPal and terminated the agreement, but would be nice if there were some instructions. Not sure if behavior is different for CC. Some instructions would be good so that others who may not be aware of the PP Dashboard knows.
  5. EFT is not yet released, we are actively working on it ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. i can see the promotion of elocarry we have eft cheat,its true ? where can i find it,becouse i want it ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. This way, in some cases, won't shoot the enemy against the wall It's easy to think that if the enemy is behind the wall and you make a mistake and shoot subconsciously, your cheating is obvious to the enemy or the observer This also allows me to close HitBox, making the interface cleaner
  8. Hey I would love to have a skeleton feature added to the esp if possible !
  9. Zilean shouldn't be there, as the champion is still buggy 80% of the time and does not use maximum range for Q. Reference;
  10. Earlier
  11. Hello, We are looking to expand our data collection database for champion logic and other key features that makes a great platform for league of legends! If you want to join the feedback group on our Discord server where you will work directly with the script developers to improve champion logic. You need to be atleast Master elo and know how every lane works. To apply make a ticket with the title "Feedback group application" https://elocarry.net/forum/support/ Here is a perfect example of what we are looking for! Kindred - Logic.pdf
  12. That's a pogchamp guide my friendo ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  13. Hello and welcome to this basic guide on how you can start streaming with EC-Apex! This guide will assume basic knowledge on setting yourself up as a streamer and the differences between Window Captures, Desktop Captures, and Game Captures for streaming software such as OBS. So let's get started! Here's what you have to do for basic setup: 1) Make sure Overwolf is injected and then do the basic EC-Apex injection. 2) Open the EC menu with F1 and disable iGlows and pGlows (These features are currently NOT streamproof) 3) Activate your Game Capture Source (If you are streaming on Discord this is a matter of ONLY streaming your Apex game and not your desktop) And you're done with the basics of having all your drawings streamproof and your aim assist working! There are some extra things to keep in mind for the sake of looking more legit: The lower your Magnet, the more legit you will look. Avoid going above 2 magnet unless you can showcase a decent amount of Master player streamers playing exactly like they have magnet 3+. 0 Magnet is your ultimate, legit-looking friend Lock can be as low as 1 to look super legit or 5 to look pretty good. Don't look through walls unless you "hear" someone coming or you hear the general direction. It's a super common gamesense tactic to have object permanence (remembering that if someone was there a second ago, they SHOULD still be in the vicinity). You can disable ESP entirely and avoid having to worry about "knowing" where people are by disabling HP bar and Hitbox. Aim assist will still kick in and you can use your normal game sense to effectively have better aim without the extra sense. As of posting this guide 11/26/2022, NEVER PLAY LOBA. Loba will 100% get you caught from any high elo player/Loba main as her passive is completely disabled due to disabling iGlows. Once people realize that your glows aren't working, you're on a ticking timebomb in terms of getting caught. You can TRY to explain that your game is bugged, but you'll end up too far in a web of lies you'll have to explain. Just don't stream yourself playing Loba until this bug is fixed. For those who are planning on streaming to discord or streaming on a platform like Twitch, here are a few tips I can give you: If your Apex is closed while OBS is on, turn off your Apex game captures temporarily until you open up and inject Overwolf + EC. If you're using discord and already have your game loaded and injected, start the discord capture in Lobbies and double check if you can see the F1 menu. Alternatively (and probably the better option) is to let overwolf inject and turn on your FPS counter on Overwolf (Ctrl + tab). Then capture with discord and if the numbers don't show up on discord then you're free to inject and no menus should pop up on Discord. Next time I'll build a more comprehensive guide on looking legit while maintaining the strength of EC and what kind of playstyles you should try to look like a pro without worrying about getting called out.
  14. xnukez

    katarina rework

    + Maybe a Walljump key for W,E over walls.
  15. Updated link https://whysp.sellix.io/product/637edf44bdae8 Yearly subs have now been added Classic Yearly = $20 Full Nitro Yearly = $25 https://whysp.sellix.io/product/637edf44bdae8
  16. #8 @Zlitz I call rigged For anyone that missed out you will be able to purchase these types of subs cheaper here soon https://elocarry.net/forum/topic/1311-discord-nitro-server-boosting/
  17. Doing one winner early as these links are time senstive The 10th post is @KiKi as my posts do not count towards this Next winner will be picked in 6 hours
  18. xnukez

    katarina rework

    Farm Logic : Q (Dagger should land in the middle of minions, if possible. Not like now random landing.) E,W. Combo Logic: 1. E,W,Q,R,E 2. E,W,R,Q,E 3. Q,E (On dagger not on Champ like now),W,R,E. -Most important : anything like "check for daggers arround for E reset". & Always focus killing LowHP ememys for resets. -if possible always E -> Autoattack in combo (AA reset from E) - Stop R if no enemys inrange - E,Q,R for Ks (resets for abilitys) - E{AA},Q if killable - Dodge with E ( On Teammates,Minions or Plants etc. if dang.) - Maybe a Q, instant E to daggerpos. before Q is landing feature.
  19. Downgrade A lot of people are having issues even I had to do some stuff to make mine work by changing one value in regedit
  20. It has been brought to my attention that a recent reseller who was under agreement with Elocarry has breached the agreement. This has resulted in permanent suspension of the user as itโ€™s clear that malicious intend was committed. A reseller is only allowed to sell in other markets outside of the existing subscriber list. Poaching existing Elocarry subscribers to purchase keys from there store at a discounted rate isnโ€™t allowed for obvious reasons. The stories Iโ€™ve read about our relationship on other communities is nothing but a lie. Elocarry's reply is only the proof of the reseller poaching our current subscribers. Please find attached evidence. Iโ€™m not going to comment further on this matter. This is a friendly reminder to those that apply to become a reseller at Elocarry. Before you apply please do your own due diligence and think.. can you really sell the keys you are purchasing? If youโ€™re not confident then donโ€™t apply.
  21. Nvidia drivers are broken for mw2 ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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