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Elocarry 64bit Release, Private Discord & Changes to Elocarry+

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Dear Community,

Hope you are all well! Please read our update on our downtime and more here.


64bit Release

Elocarry has updated to 64bit!

We will open our store to new subscribers on Friday 05 May 2023 - at 20:00 BST.

If you are owed compensation for the downtime, please make a ticket here. This will be handled over the coming hours.

Please remember that this new build has an entirely new core and restructured library, therefore we are classing this as "Beta" for now. We are fixing issues that get found daily.


Private Discord

We have taken our Discord private, meaning you need to be at least a verified member or above to join our Discord server.

Get verified here using our automatic KYC software. Join our private Discord server here.


Changes to Elocarry+

We have increased our price for all subscription plans. We have done this because now everyone can use our beta program which contains early builds(not stable all the time) during the week. We tend to do big releases every Friday that include everything from the week's changes.

Elocarry+ does not grant you any exclusive builds of any kind. This rank is now seen as a sign of appreciation to the team at Elocarry.

  • 100% of the revenue generated from this subscription is paid directly to developers.


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