It’s so easy to switch to Elocarry.

A simple walk-through lets you start using Elocarry right away, and we have a support software that cleans your PC from previous cheat providers. This gives you the best possible chance to stay undetected with Elocarry.

Let's make you undetected.

Clean up

Elocarry has made custom, powerful tools that clean your machine from previous cheating platforms’ software. Some platforms contain harmful viruses and take way to much of your data.


Want some help? Get in touch with us today via form, community or Discord. We have a support team waiting to help you switch to Elocarry.

Elocarry Privacy

Elocarry is built from the ground up to protect your personal information. Every piece of Elocarry software made has secure 2FA and advanced computer algorithms to keep your PC protected. We pride ourselves on being honest and open about your privacy. That’s why we state in clear terms exactly what our software stores from your machine. Check it out here under our privacy policy.

Truly Undetected

Elocarry focuses on being undetected and the safety of all of our users. Elocarry will not sell detected cheats and hacks to its consumers. We aim to provide an unmatched high-quality experience, and selling detected cheats is not in our DNA.

Out-the-box play

We believe in an easy to use system filled with features that are already set out perfectly for you with no requirements to mess about with your Windows system. Simply download and inject!

KYC Protection

From the very beginning, Elocarry has always been a KYC-compliant platform. We are a real, legal, legitimate company based in the EU, we follow all of the latest GDPR laws and other data compliance.