Trials & Price Adjustment

Elocarry One-Day Trial Access
We now offer a one-day trial. This is available for anyone who is a Verified member. If you want to redeem the one-day trial to any of the games that are supporting the trial system, check it out in the store.
One-day trials are only available for Verified members.

Price Adjustment

Elocarry is a legitimate business based in England. We have rules and regulations that we need to abide by. One of those is VAT, we have for the longest time absorbed those costs in the total sale price of our product and not charged VAT. We are now however going to start charging VAT on our software sold. If you are based outside of the EU you won’t have to pay VAT and this will reflect in the store checkout. If you are purchasing Elocarry as a business and your business is VAT registered then please make a ticket and we can update your pricing.

New pricing:

  • League of legends
    • 30 Days – £80.00+vat
    • 14 Days – £60.00+vat
    • 7 Days – £40.00+vat
  • Apex Legends, Elotokens, Elocarry+
    • Pricing remains the same, just now will include VAT.

This means if you are based in the USA or other VAT-exempt countries you will not be charged a VAT rate. Meaning you will actually be getting a discount on the goods we sell. Unfortunately, for those based in the EU and other VAT-applicable areas you will be charged a set rate of 20% extra. If you currently have a subscription active I recommend you start a new subscription with the new pricing structure.

We didn’t want to carry on with our current pricing model and charge VAT on top of the existing subscriptions as that could see quite a large increase in cost for some users and in this current climate where entertainment is getting more and more expensive it just doesn’t feel right to charge even more.

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