Apex Cheats with Subtle Aimbot, Prediction, ESP/Wallhack!

Apex Legends Cheats and Hacks by Elocarry.

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Our secure and renowned Apex cheats package includes a comprehensive selection of features like aimbot(SubtleAim), Smart ESP, and more. To explore our included features, check out the products page links below. 

Subtle Aim

Aim like Aceu!

Elocarry Apex aimbot known as “Subtle Aim”. Our Subtle Aimbot system is less likely to be detected! Though this mode requires that you get closer to your target for it to work effectively, its ability to grant a stealthy edge makes up for any downside.

Subtle Aim

Apex Legends Aimbot without the detection.


Magnet aimbot support for all weapons.

Visibility Check

Won't aim at enemies if they cannot be hit.

Subtle Aim Feature List

Complete list of every setting and feature from Elocarry's Apex Legends Aimbot "Subtle Aim".

  • This is not your traditional aimbot for Apex Legends. This is a legitimate aimbot system. This is because we want you to never get banned! Rage aim botting is completely pointless if you are just going to get banned. If you want that sort of aimbot, please buy something else.
  • Will predict based on your ping where the enemy will be.
  • Will force your crosshair onto the enemy.
  • Calculates the maximum distance before Subtle Aim works.
  • This feature determines how strongly you want the velocity on your weapon to aim.
  • Won’t aim at enemies if they cannot be hit.

Smart ESP

Always know where your enemy is!

Our Apex Legends ESP puts you a notch above your competition by providing you with Extra-Sensory Perception that instantly lets you know your adversaries’ status. It also helps make gathering resources much easier and quicker, which gives an immense advantage when devising strategies and tactics. An edge such as this will save valuable time while increasing your chances of success!

Our Smart ESP is both complex and comprehensive – designed for streamers, we’ve created our Apex Legend cheats with streamers in mind. Completely Streamproof wallhacking esp technology. Fully-internal. Our Apex legends wall hacks and ESP are extremely adjustable, enabling streamers to adjust their enhancements depending on their situational needs.

Smart ESP

Intelligently display the ESP you need.

Player ESP

High-quality internal, stream-proof ESP.

Stream Proof

Completely stream proof.

ESP Feature List

Complete list of every setting and feature from Elocarry's ESP.

  • Box ESP – Smart box that draws around the player.
  • Health – Health bar that instantly updates. No lag.
  • Shield – Shield bar that instantly updates. No lag.
  • Distance – The distance is preset to 2,500.
  • Colour – The colours are preset for you.
  • Glow – Glow around the player model.
    • Glow is not yet stream proof!

This is for teammates, enemies and bots.

  • Smart Weapon ESP – This means that if you are holding a certain weapon, the weapon esp will only glow items that work with that weapon. Ammo and attachments.
  • Weapon – Will glow around the weapon.
  • Ammo – Will glow around the ammo.
  • Attachments – Will glow around the attachments.
  • Health & Shield – Will glow around the health and shield packs.
  • Colour – Change the ESP colours.


Cherry on top!

We aren’t just a hyper-functional, legit game cheat for Apex Legends, we also offer some bells and whistles that don’t quite fit under the usual aiming and esp features.


An easy-to-use menu that is fully stream proof.

Unique Builds

Unique build that is different from your previous build.


Works on all PC configurations. No drivers. Intel & AMD.

Miscellaneous Feature List

Complete list of every setting and feature from Elocarry's miscellaneous.

  • An easy-to-use menu that is fully streamproof and undetected. Change settings on the fly with our little graphical interface. (Temp till our EloCloud is released!)
  • Every time you download your cheat from Elocarry, you will have a unique build that is totally different from your previously downloaded build.

User Interface

We pride ourselves on ease of use and configuration. You can really tailor every aspect of the user interface to make it yours. Our cheat menu is totally unique and a joy to use.

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Elocarry OS

Customise your UI to match your style.


At Elocarry, we provide the most advanced and reliable game hacks that protect you against bans. We understand that the industry of cheating in online games can be untrustworthy, which is why we strive to change that perception.

Unlock the full potential of your APEX Legends experience with our state-of-the-art hacks! Our software is designed to run alongside you while playing, injecting essential data into the game’s background and taking control of nonstandard functions. Unlock secrets, unlock success – let us help you achieve greatness in APEX Legends today.

Safe & Secure

Designed to keep your account safe and protected.

KYC Protection

Automated KYC system. No human intervention required.

Data Compliant

We are a real, legal, legitimate company based in Europe.


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7 Day Subscription

For those who are curious.


30 Day Subscription

365 Day Subscription

Best value.





  • If you are banned within 14 days you will have the option to fully refund your subscription. We have measures in place to determine if you were banned because of our script or something else.
  • If you simply cannot load our cheat, we will refund you 100% of the payment.
  • Never. Elocarry Apex Legends cheat has never been detected. We released August 2022.
  • We support PayPal and Bitcoin. (Bitcoin payments are done via a middleman)
  • No, simply open our executable file.
  • Apex Legends, the battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA Games), is an incomparable experience that promises to test your limits. With ultra-fast-paced gameplay and enhanced avatars requiring unparalleled finesse to manoeuvre – it takes more than just luck if you’re aiming for victory!

    With the demand for our, Apex Legend hacks expected to skyrocket in 2023, many providers will offer Apex Legends cheats. But it is essential that you acquire only high-quality products for your money. If you’re looking for top-quality elitepvpers Apex cheat, look no further.


    Here at Elocarry, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when providing online game hacks — and the Apex Legends cheat is no exception. If you’re interested in understanding why our service stands out from the rest, please continue reading toward the conclusion of this article!

  • Competitive players can anticipate balanced battles as the banhammer has been reinstated for those caught cheating with aimbots or wallhacks. This ensures that any cheaters will be promptly removed from gameplay, creating an even playing field for all involved. The ban wave will be extensive, and its effects should be felt across all regions worldwide.


  • The world was taken aback by the sudden success of Apex script League of Legends – a game developed by EA Games that exceeded expectations and attracted more than 50 million players within its first month of release. Despite this impressive feat, there were still some issues with updates and the need for more information regarding upcoming content, which needs to be addressed for it to become an even bigger hit.


  • Knowing the potential future support for Apex Legends is also essential if we continue experiencing this thrilling new gaming experience created by such a small team behind their first free-to-play game endeavour! The Apex Legends team is committed to responding to its player base to improve the game, grow its audience, and ensure that future games are fair. Let’s take a look at some of their most recent news:
    • Competitive players can anticipate balanced battles as the banhammer has been reinstated for those caught cheating with aimbots or wallhacks. This ensures that any cheaters will be promptly removed from gameplay, creating an even playing field for all involved.
    • The ban wave will be extensive, and its effects should be felt across all regions worldwide.
  • Are you ready to take your gaming experience up a notch? Get the Mayhem Battle Pass and unlock exceptional items, including Apex Packs, Legendary Skins, and Holo-Sprays!
  • Apex Legends Season 8 arrived in 2020, ushering in many new features and content. Centred around the same storyline Respawn has drawn out since its conception, this season brings a unique Legend – Fuse – as well as major map changes to keep up-to-date with the narrative’s progress. While full patch notes are available online for those interested in further detail, here is just some of what you can find:


    • Fuse is the new legend, an ex-mercenary who makes a living as a cage fighter. He enjoys destruction, so he packs powerful grenades that fly farther and faster when thrown. Suppose Fuse wants to put on an impressive show for his audience. In that case, Wally is ready to help – this allows him to bombard any area with devastating explosives that culminate in an explosive ring of fire!


    • With Passive grenadier, you can launch grenades farther and faster with remarkable accuracy – giving you an edge in every battle.


    • The Tactical Knuckle Cluster unleashes a continuous barrage of airburst explosives upon impact, making it an effective and powerful tool.


    • The 30-30 repeater, a powerful lever-action rifle with heavy ammunition capability, is extremely reliable because it can hit targets up to 200 paces away.


    • For an even more impressive experience, Gold-tier magazines have been released that immediately replenish weapons when they are stowed away.


    • It’s finally here! Players have long been asking for a damage counter on the HUD, and we are proud to deliver this much-requested feature. You can quickly check the amount of damage taken at any time during gameplay, allowing better strategic decisions.


    • The Colorblind update revolutionizes the healing and reviving process, making it more accessible to those with colourblindness.
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  • An aimbot is a valuable cheat tool within APEX that will bolster your accuracy and secure your landing each shot. It can determine where enemies are headed, allowing for seamless aiming, so other players won’t suspect you’re using a hack.

  • This hack ensures your APEX Legends experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Every enemy will be visible to you through objects, in addition to their health and shield levels, so you can easily determine their distance from you. Furthermore, any players within your field of vision (FOV) have a special glow surrounding them – making it impossible for anyone to get away undetected!


  • Our hacks give you access to a fantastic aimbot that will ensure your target never stands a chance! Thanks to its lock-on, smoothing, and aim prediction features, you can always hit the bullseye. Plus, with no recoil or sway settings included in this bundle of joy – guaranteed success is just around the corner!


  • Now that the hack has been released, it remains undetected and continues to be updated with each APEX Legends update. A dedicated team of skilled coders created the hacks to ensure they remain hidden while you dominate your opponents safely! With this powerful tool, success is guaranteed, so become a champion today!
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  • At elocarry.net, we keep our hacks up-to-date to guarantee that they will remain undetectable even when APEX updates its software.

  • HWID stands for Hardware Identification. If an anti-cheat system detects your account, it can ban you based on its unique HWID. To prevent this from occurring, an HWID spoofer is used to produce a random ID number to avoid detection, and bans are not issued.

  • Upon buying a product, you will become part of our customer family and gain access to your purchase on our downloads page.