The difference between Open and Pro(Verification)

Open (Global) Cheats:

  • Accessibility: These cheats are readily available to all members of our community without the need for any verification.
  • Range of Cheats: Our open access cheats are like this because they do not need user security to access. Additional protection is only required for certain games.

Pro Cheats:

  • Security Complexity: Pro Cheats are not openly listed due to their intricate security measures and complex functionalities.
  • Exclusivity: Access to Pro cheats is limited to members who have been approved through a stringent process. This ensures that only serious and committed members can utilise these high-level cheats.
  • Approval and Verification: Before undergoing verification, potential users must first be approved. This involves submitting an application at, which is a preliminary step to ensure that applicants meet our criteria for accessing these exclusive cheats.
  • Enhanced Verification Process: Following approval, the verification process for Pro Cheats involves paying a one-off fee of £25.00. Submitting an identity document and undergoing a facial scan, ensures a high level of security and user authenticity.

In summary, the main difference between Open (Global) Cheats and Pro Cheats lies in the advanced security and exclusivity of the Pro offerings. Pro Cheats require approval before verification, emphasising their sophisticated nature and the serious commitment required from users to gain access. This tiered approach allows us to cater to a wide range of gaming needs while maintaining the highest standards of security and functionality in our Pro segment.

These changes come into effect from 21 February 2024.

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