Elocarry Role

Software Developer

Elocarry’s primary mission is to outsmart anti-cheat systems like EAC, BE, and Riot AC. Currently, our main focus is on creating cutting-edge cheating solutions for the highly popular MOBA, League of Legends. Our game cheats are designed to enhance performance while maintaining their safety and evading the vigilant anti-cheat mechanisms.

As a Cheat Developer, your crucial role revolves around ensuring that all game cheating software offered by Elocarry remains undetectable and secure for users. Your responsibility is to fortify our software against the watchful eyes of EAC, BE, and Riot AC anti-cheats. We require you to bring your extensive experience and expertise in safeguarding game cheat .DLL files from the prying eyes of anti-cheat systems.

What you'll do

  • Reversing Easy Anti-cheat, Battleye, and Riot Anti-cheat allow our game cheat products to be undetected.
  • Engineering a templating system for overlays across multiple different game engines.
  • Creating a low-level C++ system to support multiple projects.
  • Collaborating with development and executing difficult engineering handoffs.
  • Working in an agile environment.

What you'll need

  • Strong knowledge of C, C++, and x86 assembly.
  • Deep knowledge of low-level systems programming, including process injection, packet interception, and memory scanning.
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences and varying levels of the organisation.
  • Dynamic and static reverse-engineering skills.
  • Experienced with WinDBG, GDB, LLDB, or IDA.
  • Being positive to produce detailed reports and having a good work-life structure to be deadline-oriented, strong problem-solving abilities, and organisation is absolutely essential.

What we offer

  • A company focused on growth and shared success, including bonuses and other incentives.
  • Work within agile organisations unencumbered by politics.
  • Unique projects and opportunities to jump ahead of the industry.

Perks & Benefits

  • Up to £31,500 or fixed revenue sharing system.
  • Payment flexibility.
  • 4-day work week.
  • Legal indemnification.
  • 28 Days holiday.
  • Company Team Building Events.
  • Flexible, Work From Home.


We are highly adaptable regarding payment and the overall structure of this arrangement. We recognise that this is an unconventional type of engagement.

Employement Type

  • Monday – Thursday
  • 09:00 – 18:00

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