1000+ happy clients can’t be wrong!

4.3 Over 93 Reviews
Great company with excellent customer service. A++ definitely recommend!
Great company to work with! Great support and tons of features.
have been an elocarry for a while now and this team of genius are improving so much. loving it! keep it up fellas.
As a long-standing user of Elocarry, I've had the opportunity to explore a variety of their products. Time and again, my expectations have been exceeded, solidifying my trust in their offerings. Elocarry stands out not only for its secure and user-friendly gaming environment but also for its commitment to innovation. The team is constantly at the forefront of developing new ideas to enhance both safety and enjoyment for users.

What truly sets Elocarry apart, however, is the unparalleled level of support provided by their staff. They are not only prompt in assisting users and addressing inquiries but also genuinely dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience. Their efforts are a testament to the company's dedication to excellence.

I wholeheartedly recommend Elocarry to anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience. Their dedication to innovation, safety, and user satisfaction is unmatched.

- 666 on forums
I've been an Elocarry subscriber for well over a year now and its been a great experience. Zlitz and the team do a great job with updating, communicating and listening to the community. Highly recommend for newbies and people who have been in the scene for years.
EC sub here, they are the cats pajamas man. These guys can’t spell but they can code. And if you want to have a safe enjoyable experience on your game enhancements, these guys will thrust your mind blank with how good their enhancements are.
Easily the top community out there. The coders are the best of the best, I have tried others over the past years and nothing compares. The features, AC, UI, user experience are all top notch with support always there to help with any issues. The price is 100% worth it and you won’t be disappointed with the purchase.
Excellent service and great customer support
Everything is nice about it!
I accidently got charged for 1 more week, asked for refund and got it back within few days.
Also staff and support is very nice.
Prob best public script i ever experienced!
Very good software in itself just a few minor issues, Compensation time for work takes way too long to deliver, Can be waiting up to a week for compensation. However THE product and security itself is outstanding.

After a reply from EloCarry themselves I now understand the situation my rating will now be 5 STARs and this situation was just one off.
I was going through a rough time in my marriage where nothing seemed to arouse me anymore. Things had gone stale between me and my wife in bed and divorce seemed inevitable. But then I discovered and everything changed. There's just something about it that does something to me, and before I knew it my libido was back. I now go at it with my wife at the sounds of "F***!" and "Topdeck Flamestrike!" to boost my vigor. Thank you for saving my marriage.
Crazy support, security orb walker etc
I have tried both private scripts and this, and so far I have never tried such a professional one
The coders are insane and it's very professional
I have used EloCarry aswell as some other Providers for LoL for a long time now (~2 Years overall). I need to say that the security is definetly on the higher end when compared to other Platforms.

I played most roles with EC so here are my thoughts.

Orbwalker 7/10
-Gotta say that I only played with the "old" Orbwalker which will be getting a huge update.
-Doesnt cancel much autos
-Only negative point is prolly tower farming logic

Evade 9/10
-Cant say much, dodges basically everything and is highly customiziable. But not 100% accurate, so -1 point.

Prediction 8/10
-Depends on your Champion pool but overall pretty solid for both, adcs and skillshot champs. Might have some moments were it misses

Champion Support 5/10 (+1)
-Sadly it only supports around ~70 champs atm.
-BUT... I need to give +1 cause like mentioned on their website they prefer quality over quantity so expect good champion logics with the supported champions.

Logics 9/10
-Cant say much to that other than nearly perfect. Like already mentioned the quality of the supported champions is really good.
Everything works great. Any questions get answered near instantaneously and satifactory. Product is constantly being reworked and updated with the community in mind. E.g. Community Polls what update to push next, bugs get fixed asap.

Can only recommend it.
Since I've joined elo carry it's made me better in all aspects. Even when I don't use them I still can pull off crazy combos or just knowledge of the game cleanly. If you need that extra help this is it and they have some of the fastest update times with one of the longest un-detection times as well. This is my suggestion go and try it out!
EC is unlike any other scripting platform!

In terms of price versus functionality, you will be satisfied for sure. The staff members are super active and friendly, they are responsive to any issues that may occur and quick to actions when needed.

There is rarely any downtime, and if there is, you will always be compensated. All in all, better than anything out there by far.
Not only a masterpiece if it comes to the software, but also a incredibly engaged and professional developing team!
They really took things to the next level!
We, from PrimalRS are proud to be partnered with their services!
5 stars for the Green crown. I've been using their product for the past 8-9 months with zero bans across multiple accounts. If you're looking for something in the LOL field with your accounts security as the number one priority than look no further. Elocarry is the premier provider in the scene right now, and no one even comes close.
These guys have truly revolutionized the League of Legends gaming experience with their scripts, hacks, and cheats. They're not only extremely effective at improving your gameplay, but they're also completely safe and secure. There is no better way to improve your skills and dominate your competition. I've been using Elocarry for months and couldn't be happier with the results. If you want to take your League of Legends game to the next level, EloCarry is the way to go!
Script still need some improvements, but at the moment they are working hard on few things that we need most. Overall it's working very well, should be near perfect very soon after foreseen changes. Staff is very responsive and friendly, and of course security - top notch. Currently over year ud.
I have been a long term member since 2021, The staff are extremely helpful and regularly host giveaways and events to keep the server interesting. The services provides are top-notch quality making the price point extremely worthwhile :))
Overall great experience using this platform. There is almost 24/7 support either through experienced users, mods, and even devs (which is a huge plus). They are highly secure I believe it's almost been a year since detection even after the recent huge banwave that hit other major undetected platforms.

There are tweaks here and there that could be done to the individual champion scripts but the devs are actively working on improving them. One major aspect I love about this platform is that the turnaround time between game updates and the platform update is less than an hour (depending on whether or not the devs are awake).

TLDR: Highly Secure, Community Centered, Extremely fast update turnaround time.
I use the Apex and Lol cheese pretty much every day.
Since the first day on Apex, not a single ban, although I use the highest settings.

Leauge is UD for over 300 days.

About the Lol script: It is updated regularly, mostly it is already updated before riot releases the patch.
Features are regularly added that are requested by the community.

Orbwalker 9/10
Evade 7/10
Prediction 6/10
Champ scripts/Logic 8/10

the comunuity is great. The best and friendliest since I started using chees.
Best apex and lol provider.I love this community all are such nice people the moderators and admin answer very quik if you have any questions and help you out if you have any problems.Now about apex I love the aim and esp it’s very nice and works great is 5/5 you can look showcase video there you can see how got the esp and aim looks It is really worth it
Great company I have used there lol service up until the release of the apex chair and I can vouch for anyone looking for the best safety for your account this Is by far the best it’s there number one priority and they have the fastest update time I have seen. ESP is good not much you can really mess up there 5/5. Aim assist is getting prediction soon and then it will be the perfect legit program to use for anyone looking to stay unbanned
Great undetected platform. You can't find a 200+ day undetected internal in 2022, unless it's EC. Great performance on low or high end PCs. Tons of customizable features to match your specific play style. Awesome devs who listen to there users and are always on top of optimizations and changes when needed. If you want to dominate the league scene, you're in the right place!