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Winning Features

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Survivor ESP

See all survivors through walls.​

Auto Skill Checker

Never miss a skill check again. Perfect everytime.


Unique builds guaranteed security.
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No DMA, PC or Windows alterations are required to run this cheat.


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No DMA, PC or Windows alterations are required to run this cheat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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My payment method got declined, what do I do?

If you can’t make purchases in the Elocarry Store, this is because we require subscription profiling. Please purchase a gift card here or use the ‘Card’ option on checkout.

Elocarry officially supports PayPal, Card, Google and Apple Pay. If you wish to purchase using Crypto or other payment methods, please check online to purchase from a reseller.
How do I download and setup Elocarry?

Please visit your dashboard area. From there you will be able to find all of the instructions needed to get you started for each game cheat.

Our cheats work on all Windows versions – both Windows 10 and 11. If our cheats do not work on the Windows version you are on, we will make sure to support it.

You will be compensated for any subscription time lost during a ban wave. This will only be granted if a ban wave has officially occurred on our platform. Please review our terms.

All of our cheats aim to be internal based however at times we may have to opt for a hybrid system to bypass certain anti-cheats.
We are transparent and upfront about how our cheats are listed on the website, and as such, what you read on a cheat’s feature page is what you should be expecting.

If our cheats do not work on your system despite all tries, a full payment refund will be issued for you. Terms apply.

We always aim to provide an effortless signing up and downloading experience, however at times we may need to provide further instructions for some cheats we provide for, as the anti-cheats can be more aggressive. Most of the time, simply download and run the .exe!
We do not. You can find alternative spoofers online and they should work with our cheat. Unless they are spoofing on injection. You may need to find a permeant spoofer.
Specific cheats are updated almost instantly, while some others are updated within 2 hours depending on the changes made by the game. If downtime exceeds the 24-hour mark, you will be compensated.
Do I need to verify myself to buy this cheat?

This cheat does not require you to be verified. Check out the rest of the cheats that don’t require verification here.

Dead by Daylight Cheats Media

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Dead by Daylight Cheats

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