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  1. What if you boycott TikTok?
  2. Community & Support: This area is nothing but superbly good. The community feels kind of like a family, even though I don't know anyone IRL. I regularly look back at conversations in Discord to take part in whats going on. People are friendly and helpful. The same goes for support, Zlitz and his team are very quick on responses, and you always feel prioritized, no matter what the issue is. Bug reports are always taken seriously, and the devs are always fast at work trying to solve them. Suggestions for all parts of the platform, be it champion specific or orb walker related, are quickly noted and added to their road map. I honestly have no complaints at all. Security: Since I haven't been a part of the community for very long, I'm not really the guy to speak here. The thing I can say is that Dencelle – one of the lead developers – is extremely good at what he does. He seems to be on top of things when it comes his main focus, which is security. I have no doubt they will break their previous undetected record of ~200 days by a big margin. Performance: I have used multiple platforms in the past, both internal and external, and I've always noticed some kind of performance issues. EC runs smooth as butter. Frame rates are as good as if I never used the platform in the first place. Conclusion: Overall, and in my own opinion, EC is the platform to use these days. Devs are currently implementing epic evade, improving prediction and fine tuning the orb walker. When all that is done and settled, they will improve champions scripts as well as add new ones. I'm personally looking forward to a legendary Riven script, just like the ones I've used in the past (HTTFRiven, Broken Wings to name a few). While there are still things to add and improve, I have full faith in the developers to make it happen. There seems to be a good number of great script developers at EC who really knows what they're doing, they all work together with code reviews and tests.
  3. Hi! Since I promised that I would announce the winner today, here it goes: The winner of a one week subscription is @Rithmatist! Please DM me on Discord. I'm sorry to the rest of you, better luck next time :)
  4. All of you that are not yet verified, you need to be verified to win.
  5. Planning on calling the winner this sunday.
  6. As mentioned in the criteria, you must be a verified member to be able to win. You still have time to get verified before I announce a winner, so please contact Zlitz if you're unsure about how to proceed there.
  7. Hello awesome community It's time for yet another give away. The price is a one week subscription of EloCarry (woah). The disapointing part, at least for some of you, is that not everyone is eligible to enter. The following criteria must be met in order to participate: You must be a verified member. You have not yet had an active subscription. If you participate and win without meeting to the above criteria, the price will go to the next person in line. The reason for these criteria is that I would like for someone new to the scene, or possibly someone who can't afford EloCarry, to be able to try it out. The winner will be picked by random by running all of your user names through a randomizer. I will announce the winner in a week or two, depending on how many of you enter and whenever I can escape from daily duties. All you have to do to enter is commenting below, good luck!
  8. Pixi

    Elocarry Evade

    Lookinkg forward to helping you make it perfect. Beta release should be ok, you can always disable it if it doesn't perform as you want it to.
  9. Good enough for me. Keep up the good work. I’m back to being excited.
  10. Thanks for the clarification!
  11. I totally understand. You have to make the core stable first of all. But the post did say you are dropping support for in-house developed champion scripts. Or did I understand it wrong? If a script is not working, there will be no efforts in fixing it, is that correct? If the existing scripts are working as they should, which I doubt they will after all this time, I might subscribe, but I’ll wait and see.
  12. I was really excited to read the 2.0 announcement, but the fact that there will be no official champion scripts took most of the excitement away. Champion scripts are the main reason I like to use cheats in league. Evade and Awareness might help you climb, but I’m mostly interested in having fun during the 1-2 hours a day I’m actually able to play. I will probably not subscribe until there is at least a couple of good scripts developed by third parties. Will be interesting to see how it all turns out though.
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