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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Dear users. Im making my first giveaway! Giveaway is Discord Nitro Classic 12 Months (1YEAR) On your account. You dont need to share with me your discord email and password. You will get everything from me gifted. (not bot or something completly legit) If you want to participate in the giveaway you must write this in a comment : ec+ This giveaway is for all users! Some admin with me gonna spin roll names and we get Winner! Giveaway ended: 29.06.2022 around : 18-19:00 Uhr (CEST) Good luck to everybody and sorry for my bad english ! :)
  2. Simple rules: just reply a number from 1-30 with only one attempt, if no one gets it in 24hr after this post, the closest one wins.
  3. Sup Community, since the release of EC isnt far away I decided to create this giveaway. You have the chance to receive an fresh unranked lv30 smurf account! Account details: NA, EUW or EUNE Level 30 Unranked 40.000+ Blue essence Full access, E-mail change available, password changable Rules to enter the giveaway: Give this thread a like Just comment below ( your postcount will be registered as entrycount )
  4. Hello guys , the last few days were not the best for us, I really like this community, everyone is kind and friendly, I will be doing a giveaway, whoever wants to participate just leave their number, I will limit it to 5 participants , put one number between 1 and 5 please , GL for all ! The acc have Level 30 50 - 60k BE+ and i give 14 days warranty per up with bots only , lets go my friends !
  5. Hey, i will take a random person who will win this smurf. The Smurf is on EUW is lvl 30 and unverified with 40k BE, 14 days warranty if the account get banned for botting. How to enter: Leav a comment (required) and if you want leave a like (NOT required) 7 days to enter the giveaway
  6. So as some of you will know my name is Travers I have been asking a few people what kind of giveaways prizes people would like to see and @Zlitz suggested some merch so I went with it to keep everything fair I have just decided to do a random number draw with a range of 1-10000 prizes to be won are 7x Shirts and 3x Hoodies I'm going to give the draw till the 30th Which is the release date of the (software) understand that is can change but the draw will still be on the 30th Designs approved by @Zlitz Upvote if you want to see more giveaways like this Rules: - 1 entrie per person , 2 entries for all Challenjour members - 1st in 1st serve, if we get a large number of people that all get the correct number I will have to go by the date they had posted their number as we have a limited amount of merch -hoodies are reserved for all 1,2,3 winners they will also receive a shirt for the other 4 winners they will receive just a shirt -the winner can be people that get the correct number or the are the closest the correct numbers -you can only win once Disclaimer: -if you are a winner you will be required to provide me with a shipping address -if you are uncomfortable with doing so I can arrange to get the items shipped to the Elo Carry office but a fee will occur for redirection for delivering in the neighbourhood of £7 -everyone has the change to upgrade to Challenjour to get a 2nd entries -if your Challenjour subscription runs out when the draw ends only 1 of the entries will count or same with if someone upgrades by then -All shirts and hoodies come in one size large Hoodie Design - Not Final top 3 winners are - @DayBreaK - @V01D - @Verkys i will send you a pm requesting your postal address all secondary winners 4 - @Blackiechan 5 - @gifhunter 6 - @terminal1999 7 - @GhettoStar i will also send you a dm requesting your postal address ohh and forgot to mention thta @Zlitz gets one of everything cus he is the boss
  7. Guest

    EUW accounts #2

    Lets try this again, everyone reply with your favourite champion(s) and why and I'll give you an account or two, ranked platinum for those who want abit of a challange in scripting and if I like your reply. Accounts will be sent in 48hr
  8. Hi guys, i am giving 2 torrent day invites . Each invite is worth 15$ .Torrentday.com is a popular torrent site where you can download latest movies, tv shows, songs etc., from all around the world. All you have to do is maintain 1:1 download:upload ratio to prevent getting banned from the site. To participate in the giveaway post a number between 1-100. I will pick 2 random numbers as winners. In case a number repeats the 1st one to post the number will be preferred. Giveaway ends 48 hours from now . Good luck all
  9. Hello guys, How are u today? I have two accounts. You need to: Make a comment .. Last day 14.11.2019 20:00
  10. Guest

    EUW accounts

    Comment your favourite champion and tell me why, I'll pick winners in aprox. 24hr, gooooo All accounts are lvl30+, plenty of champs to script in ranked queues with, can either be active or inactive Edit: Everyone with a proper reply will get an account
  11. Hello all! Giving away 2 nice accounts both with 100+ champs. 1. 165 skins, inactive since 01/09/2018. 2. 92 skins, inactive since 12/01/2019. I'm thinking of two support champions (support role in the client) one for each account and if you are the first one to guess it, you get the account. A maximum of three guesses each. The supports eligible are: Bard, Braum, Ivern, Janna, Lulu, Nami, Pyke, Rakan, Sona, Soraka, Tahm Kench, Taric, Thresh, Yuumi, Zilean (15) Happy guessing :)
  12. Guest

    Want some Mulla $$

    First come first served. Simple riddle answered correctly gets you 20 usd Cash . thru Paypal . One winner ONLY .first to get it right . Winners selected already !!!!!!!!! you snooze you looze . What , the more you take out the bigger it gets ? If you get it right I will pm you for your Paypal info. To send you the beans.
  13. so ill give away a silver 2 acc ( idk about the WR ) you just need to comment a number between 0 and 100, the first to guess it, wins the account rules are as simple as it could be, one entry per person per 3 days good luck
  14. Hello guys! I decided to giveaway great, inactive League of Legends accounts with 50+ champions. These accounts have not been active for a minimum of 1 year. They are on different servers so everybody can find something for self. Rules of giveaway: 1) first come first served 2) one account per one user What you need to do: 1) to take part in giveaway you need at least a rank "Challenjour" 2) you need just answer to one question: On which champion you have the biggest fun using scripts and why? 3) write a post with the answer to the question and select the account that interests you (for example: "NA2" or "EUNE5") Once you write the post and select the account, I will try to send it as soon as possible via private message. (max. 24 hours, due to work during the week) I will try to update the accounts that I have already gave away. However, please read the posts above. Do not make a mess and do not ask for an account that was already given out. Thanks! List of accounts: EUW 1) last play 11.11.2017, 54 champs, 8 skins 2) last play 29.11.2016, 62 champs, 23 skins 3) last play 22.12.2017, 63 champs, 17 skins 4) last play 02.06.2018, 61 champs, 23 skins 5) last play 08.08.2018, 61 champs, 31 skins EUNE 1) last play 31.08.2018, 51 champs, 16 skins 2) last play 21.01.2018, 52 champs, 8 skins 3) last play 01.02.2018, 53 champs, 9 skins 4) last play 09.09.2018, 55 champs, 8 skins 5) last play 19.02.2018, 56 champs, 7 skins NA 1) last play 07.07.2018, 55 champs, 56 skins 2) last play 14.11.2017, 59 champs, 12 skins 3) last play 26.11.2018, 60 champs, 82 skins LAS 1) last play 08.06.2018, 69 champs, 56 skins 2) last play 15.12.2018, 59 champs, 18 skins *green colour - account available *red colour - account not available Let's get started!
  15. To celebrate the opening of the forums I'll be giving away 0.17 ethereum (All the ETH on my wallet ) to 1 random winner after 3 days. Live value to $ = https://coinmarketcap.com/converter/eth/usd/?amt=0.17 Giveaway will end after 3 days to give a chance to new members to join in! (Who knows up to those 3 days ETH will be worth $1000 ) To join the giveaway draw answer this simple question. How did you find EloCarry?
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