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Elocarry Apex Quick Start Guide


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Here's a quick start guide for new EC Apex users:

  • After successful purchase of EC Apex go to your "ELOPANEL". This is accessed by clicking the heading tab "ELOPANEL" next to the search bar. 
  • Next, go click on the "Download" tab on the left-hand side. 
  • Click on the "-- Select Loader --" drop down and select "Subscriber". (Note: if Apex isnt does not show as an option, your purchase was not successful or hasn't been processed yet)
  • With "Subscriber" selected, click on the green button that says "Build My Loader". If this is your first time downloading your build or new features have been added to the cheat ( this will be announced in #public news in the discord ), a pop-up will appear on your screen saying "Your loader is currently being built. Please try to download in 3~5 minutes.". Wait the alotted time, then re-try. (*Note: if multiple people are generating their builds at the same time you may need to wait longer before re-trying).
  • If you followed the above steps correctly, your loader download should start and finish downloading. Take loader from your downloads and place it in a folder on your desktop (this is preffered but the loader can be placed anywhere).
  • Then follow setup guide for the client you run Apex on (Origin or Steam). How to inject Elocarry Apex Legends cheat
  • During the injection process do not move your mouse.
  • The loader will close after sucessfull injection. Wait to move your mouse until the loader closes. 
  • Tab back into Apex and press ( F1 ). If the injection was successul, you will see the cheat menu in top left corner of your screen. The menu is a toggle, so ( F1 ) will toggle it on or off.
  • If the menu is visible it can be accessed with your arrow keys. UP and Down can be used to navigate the list.  LEFT and RIGHT can be used to increase, decrease, or toggle the selected item on the list. 

Features on the menu:

  • VIS
  1. IGLOW: When toggled on items will glow through walls with the color of their rarity.
  2. PGLOW: When toggled on enemies players will glow through walls.
  3. HP: When toggled on shield and health esp will apear above enemy players.
  4. HITBOX: When toggled on a colored box will appear above the enemies (This box is visible through walls). The color of the box indicates whether the enemy is visible or not. Red = Not Visible and Blue = Visible. 
  1. LOCK: This number represents the strength of the lock. The higher the number the higher the strength. LOCK controls how strong you "lock - on" to targets at longer distances. If you think it feels weak at further distances, increase this
  2. MAGNET: Magnet is basically aim assist for the hitbox of the player. Just like pred, increasing this increases the strength of it. 
  3. PRED: Pred moves the hitbox of the player to account for distance and bullet drop. This is different than MAGNET and LOCK. Each number represents the correct PRED setting for your ping. For very low ping 9 - 15 ms 1/5 is the correct setting. For 20 - 30 ms 2/5 is the correct setting. For 40 - 50 ( somtimes 60 ) ms 3/5 is the correct setting. For ping high then this try 4/5 or 5/5. 
  4. AIM KEYS: The aim keys to activate the aim assist are: MOUSE 1, MOUSE 2, MOUSE 3, and MOUSE 4. ( Currently there is no option to configure aim keys ). 

I personally suggest 3/5 LOCK and 2/5 MAGNET. This combined with the correct PRED setting depending on your ping ( 2/5 for me ). 

As always it is best to test the setting yourself in the firing range or in normal matches to find out what works for you. 

*NOTE: Settings that have numbers can be turned off by turning the number to 0. The PRED hitbox will still show with aim disabled. For this to be accurate make sure your PRED settings are correct for your ping. Also, although LOCK and MAGNET can be turned up to max ( 5/5 ), it is not recommended  because it may be unstable. 

Common loader error messages:

  • Auth Error: If it's your first time using the cheat and you get this message, try connecting with a VPN and retrying the injection process. You will also get this error if you've previously EC Apex but have recently reformatted your system ( reinstalled windows ). If this is the case, request an HWID reset here: https://elocarry.net/forum/EloPanel/hwid-request/.
  • Blank CMD Screen: Also a server connection issue. Try using a VPN.


If you still need help after this:

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