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EloCarry Pro - Champion for 25.08.2023

Champion for 25.08.2023   

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  1. 1. Next champion?

    • Nami
    • Pyke
    • Lucian
    • Caitlyn (rework)

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Our new voting system where you have the possibility to choose the champion you'd love to see next!
Right now we have scheduled:

Riven - 11.08.2023
Vladimir - 18.08.2023
This champion winner - 25.08.2023

Choose wisely, multi options enabled! The voting ends in 15.08.2023

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1 hour ago, efghsdsdfgsdfgs said:

They're just lazy, if other League cheat providers can do it, why can't they? The only reason why I don't use others is cause it's buggy, but I am definitely not renewing my cheats with these guys. You're paying such a high amount and they can't even get popular champs. 

Calling us lazy is not correct. We support over 90+ champions and have what appears to be a special bypass as we wasn’t hit in the biggest banwave ever.

Being lazy doesn’t give you that status.


Anyway. We speak to all of our subscribers and form a list of a few champions that we think would make great additions to our already well established list of scripts. We could just add whatever we wanted and ignore that step. However we like to engage with our community and implement constructive feedback.

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You guys do not support 90+ champs, yes they may 'auto attack' but the combos and overall game play of 'most' champs is just false. 


Yes in terms of anti-cheat and not getting banned, you might be the best, but that doesn't suffice for the champs. I don't want to advertise another cheat company, but I can classify another one cheat that shows JG spot way better + I'll give you an example, for Diana, it doesn't even use Zhonya, OR Hextech, and that is just one champ if not to name some others. 

Let's  take another one, Caitlyn, misses Q on LANE CLEAR, like what???

Q on minimum minions 3, and it hits only 1. I can go on and on even with other champs. This is not to say that the champs are not playable, yes they are, but to claim that that 90+ champs are 100% supported with their mechanics properly is just false. 

And also, don't get me wrong, there is a lot you guys do good, which would make it superior overall, however this is my opinion of using different cheats. 

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