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EloCarry Pro - Champion for 01.09.2023


Champion for 28.07.2023   

62 members have voted

  1. 1. 1. Next champion?

    • Nami
    • Lulu
    • Morgana

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Our new voting system where you have the possibility to choose the champion you'd love to see next!
Right now we have scheduled:
Lucian - 25.08.2023
Winner of this vote - 01.09.2023

Choose wisely, multi options enabled! The voting ends in 22.08

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Ahh you jest! 🤣 Azir dogshit neverrrrr!!! Tell that to The Demon King Faker who keeps picking him lol

I vote more junglers to be honest. Hec, Shyv, Udyr, or even Elise. Junglers are lacking, lets show some love.

If we keep doing supports lets bring some back like Braum, Janna, Tahm, Strongest one Taric.

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  • Zlitz changed the title to EloCarry Pro - Champion for 01.09.2023

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