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Good Champs To Climb Up Easy!


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Mid Lane 



               Miss FortuneMISS FORTUNE
champion icon (Just Try to Learn to Carry the Early game)


Click on the Champion you want and get all what you need! (Items - etc)
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57 minutes ago, Zlitz said:

The champion optimisation for Lucian is extremely good. That's coming from someone who isn't the best at league :kappa:

🤣 i know that Lucian is good but he is just a Early Champ for me in late he is useless! 

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Guest NotLikeThis

Yea I've been grinding flex with friends and just spamming Nami and Bard. Without scripts I like to be a support one trick and it's been going really well lol. Bard is super underrated you only need mobility boots and dead man's plate and your chime passive just slaps. Once you get better with his E and Ulti he's pretty broken.

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