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This is Elocarry’s league of legends cheat. Our scripting platform for league of legends is proudly made up of some of the best script developers from Leaguesharp, Bot of legends and other great developers from our platforms. We have been around for many years and we continue to strive for perfection, great value and customer support.

In order to buy this Elocarry product, you will need to be verified using your identification. Once you are a member of our community, you can use our automatic verification system on the forum. Once this has been approved, you will then be granted access to our private game cheat library.

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For those who are curious.
£ 30
7 Days
  • Orbwalker
  • Activator
  • Awareness
  • Evade
  • 40+ Champions
  • Prediction
  • Zoomhack


For the best value.
£ 60
30 Days
  • Orbwalker
  • Activator
  • Awareness
  • Evade
  • 40+ Champions
  • Prediction
  • Zoomhack


For the more casual.
£ 40
14 Days
  • Orbwalker
  • Activator
  • Awareness
  • Evade
  • 40+ Champions
  • Prediction
  • Zoomhack


Main Menu


  • Target selector with Automatic Priority and other options such as Strongest, Lowest Health, Most AD, Most AP, Closest, and Manual.
  • Includes Combo, Harass, Lane clear, Last hit, and Freeze Keys.
  • All Hotkeys are editable to fit a players style.
  • Options for orbwalker drawings such as user’s attack range and enemy attack range.
  • Colors can be edited to the user’s preference.
  • Option to draw Hold Radius.
  • Support Mode Toggle – Prevents auto attacks during orbwalking on minions. Best used with Support champions.
  • Kalista Fly Exploit – Past a certain auto attack speed, this allows Kalista to jump twice in one auto attack.
  • Hold Radius – Radius range where a mouse can reside without moving a user while still attacking or farming.
  • Additional Delay – Additional delay between auto attacks to either give a smoother orbwalking experience or humanized orbwalking. Lower Delays can cause stuttering which will prevent attacks from firing or cause Disconnections.
  • Prioritize Turret in Lane Clear – Option to prioritize attacking enemy turrets in lane clear.


  • QSS Usage.
  • Cutlass Usage.
    • Includes editable Health % to use.
  • Potion Usage.
    • Includes editable Health % to use.
  • Tiamat Usage.
  • Goredrinker Usage.
  • Stridebreaker. Usage.
  • Everfrost Usage.
    • Includes editable Health % to use.
  • Prowlers Claw Usage.
    • Includes option for Prioritized Only.
  • Smite Usage.
    • Has editable toggle key.
  • Ignite Usage.
    • Includes editable Health % to use.
  • Heal Usage.
    • Includes editable Health % to use.
  • Barrier.
    • Includes editable Health % to use.
  • Extensive Cleanse Usage.
    • Ability to toggle cleanse on specific forms of CC.
      • Charm
      • Fear
      • Flee
      • Knockup
      • Polymorph
      • Stun
      • Taunt
      • Suppression


  • HUD for champions.
  • Click Actions used to relay information to teammates by clicking enemy champions or their cooldowns.
  • Editable y position and size.
  • Cooldown Tracker.
    • Track Cooldowns of Enemy Champions.
    • Toggleable Friendly Cooldown tracker.
    • Buff tracker.
  • Recall Tracker.
  • Missing Tracker.
    • Can show when enemies are missing.
    • Can send Pings to alert teammates.
    • Can edit the max distance of a missing champion to send a ping.
    • Shows missing enemy champions on minimap whenever vision is lost.
    • Has potential to show precise enemy position in Fog of War.
  • Ward Tracker.
    • Can track where wards are placed as long as they were seen being placed.
    • Toggle to show ward timers.
    • Toggle to show a range of wards’ vision.
    • Toggle to display on Minimap.
    • Toggle to track objects that are similar to wards such as Teemo Mushrooms, Shaco Boxes, etc.
    • Toggle to Draw Ward placement. (friendly ward helper)
    • Toggle to show placement range of wards. (friendly)
  • Gank Tracker.
    • Track potential ganks from either enemies or friendly users.
    • Editable time until expiration.
    • Can toggle drawings of waypoints of enemies.
    • Can toggle drawings of waypoints of teammates.
  • Miscellaneous.
    • Toggle Tower Range Drawings.
  • Zoomhack.
    • Ability to safely use zoomhack. Elocarry has officially managed to secure zoomhack.


  • Can draw Linear Circular Skillshots.
  • Can draw Evade Status.
  • Enable/Disable Drawings.
  • Spells with varying danger levels can be assigned specific colors.
  • Can choose between different modes of dodging.
  • Can toggle smooth dodging for humanized evasion.
  • Toggle for Dodging Linear and Circular spells.
  • Can Dodge from FOW.
  • Can edit a hotkey to toggle Evade.
  • Can specify a key to Dodge only Dangerous spells.
  • Can edit specific skills to have specific danger levels

*Only members who are ID verified can purchase this product.


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