Elocarry Role



Elocarry has always been aware of the market potential in China, Brazil and other hard to serve locations due to the language barrier and payment methods supported in those regions. Well now if you have good marketing experience and understand these markets, you can sell our products there directly, whichever way you chose to. Our new Reseller panel is only going to be open for approved resellers.

We do not let anyone sell our services, you need to be qualified.

What you'll do

  • Resell Elocarry services in your own communities.
  • You will use Elocarry marketing material in your own way to promote our service.
  • Support those clients on your own platform.

What you'll need

What you will need to be successful

  • Strong knowledge in your region that you wish to market Elocarry to.
  • An active, rich community that is wanting to use our products.
  • A business plan, be prepared to present this in your application.

What we offer

  • Great discounts on all of our products, exclusively for your market.
  • Special reseller badge on our community.
  • Free graphics and marketing material you can use.
  • Access to a private chat area where you can speak with other resellers.


  • You will buy software keys directly from us in bulk. More you buy and the more you sell, the more money you will make. Your users in your your community can freely pay you however they like.
  • Yes, once you have been approved you will have access to buy keys at wholesale prices, reveal your entire stock, client redeem section and much more.

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