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  1. I defo recall creating this thread
  2. Community & Support: The community is a welcoming family. I take my time to read all of the messages everyday to not miss out on new things and or updates. Everyone in the community is friendly and definitely not toxic. Whenever you need help, there's always someone there to help you, even though it's not a staff member. Bugs, glitches, and suggestions are taken seriously and fixed very quickly when it has priority. Support is how you want it to be! Quick and helpful. Security: As Contributor I was able to help with testing while it was in beta phase. One thing I noticed is how far and dedicated EC is when it comes to being undetected and safety. The current developers Vector and Dencelle are doing a really good job and strafe for nothing more then perfectionism. As I was a member in 2020 already, I managed to stay unbanned for a good 150 days. Performance: If you have a mid range computer, EC will be no problem. As it is internal the performance is great and doesn't drain your CPU/GPU/RAM like some others do. Controlling EC is clean and very easy. I've never experienced any performance issues and I maintain 260+ FPS. Orbwalker has been updated alot recently and can now be called perfect. Getting that Challenger farm in is really satisfying. Conclusion: EC is GREAT, some functions like champion scripts and evade are currently in development, so that's a bit limited. But seeing how hard the devs work to implement those functions, the future is real bright for EC.
  3. Vainiven

    Elocarry Evade

    Good news and great job to Backdoor for putting in all the hard and fast work!
  4. Lets go hunt some champions!!!
  5. Had a rough time but luckily I got myself up again with a positive mindset :).
  6. Epic man, goodjob on the nice edits :)
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