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  1. Hello, no, we do not currently support KR. Maybe sometime in the future! Kind regards, iOneJay
  2. Hello, unfortunately Lucian has been removed from the supported champions. - we will soon re-release Lucian with a much better script. Sorry for the inconvenience. Kind regards, iOneJay
  3. iOneJay

    Kindred Script

    Changed Status to Added
  4. I would recommend you to create a post in the suggestions thread (https://elocarry.net/forum/suggestions/) because this one will most likely get lost here.
  5. iOneJay

    Kindred Script

    Kindred legit most broken champ to play in jungle. Since we have FOW jungle tracking now, some Jungle champs would be so great. Script can also be pretty basic. Q Just same Q logic as Vayne. Q to mouse position AA reset into wall if possible Q only if W active W W if enemy in X range E E focus marked enemy Whitelist E R R if you or ally below X% health
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