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2.0 announcement

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Previous mini-update:



Regarding our initial release date which was meant to be today at 21:00 BST. I am going to postpone this release just for 48 hours. (New ETA: From 02/10/21 - 04/10/2021 - 22:30 BST)

Good news:

  • Our new bypassing measures that have been put in place has worked.
  • We are bug-free! (So it seems on all the testers machines!)
  • I will be adding more people to the testing group to help find more bugs.

Why the delay?

  • Just like any major decision in any company, there needs to be confirmation with all members of staff who have worked hard to achieve said goal.
    • We feel that we can add better protection to our product with just a bit more time.

We have waited this long for a re-release. I am sure we can all understand and respect that just up to 48 hours from now, we'd have a polished product that all the members of staff are happy with.



Update: 04/10/21

We are still experiencing issues with the latest security protection we have implemented. We are deeply sorry for the delays!

We just can't release our current software in a state where we aren't confident with WHY SOME bans are occurring.

We are experiencing very random bans on some machines. We are trying to figure out what's going on with those machines.

Stay tuned for more information!



Kind regards,

- Zlitz

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